a little bit about m

my name is m sieiro garcia. grew up in generica, in the suburbs of washington d.c., the daughter of a spanish stone mason and a brasilian mom/seamstress/chef/warden.  life was good, was a quiet kid, going to catholic school made me even quieter because i was quirky and had glasses (aka target). i like science and the future and space and dressing my barbies in tin foil.  i played my big brother's guitar, badly, into my brothers tape recorder on my brothers cassettes and then erased them for fear of big brother retribution. that consisted of getting yelled, a howl of, "moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!" and then dinner.

it was a high school friend who pushed me to audition for my high school's production of "the sound of music" that opened a world - so all the stuff on tv and in movies and on the records (that's 1970 cd's, kids, ask your folks). people do that? for fun? wait... for money?

a dream started very slowly, college degree in something useful took it's place.

time continues in it's linear path and i discover that years of answering my phone, "thank you for call latina phone." has brought me back to the fun and create world of voice acting and voice over work.

thanks to my parents, i speak a couple languages and can fake my way through some others and can pick up an accent quickly.

love audio drama, love audio books, love having a chat on a podcast. 

audio stylings can be heard in a couple of places: hg world, pendant audio, darker projects, broken sea

i like taking pictures of stuff that looks like an m.