2005 big stage

2006 going back to cali
2005 stevie baby
2005 up up and up

2005 Rosa's wall
2005 Brother big Brother small - in my heart i love them all
2005 july 40 year feast
2003 Jan patio
2005 spring fence
2003 june bikes bikes bikes
2003 feb so busted on Gigi's bed
2002 Jan Snowy morny
2002 Jan Sleepy Pooch

2006 Feb, Miami Port, FL - first cruise

and it was...

Lifeboat Drill? Seriously? is there a cup holder for my drink?

2006 Feb, Nassau, Bahamas
long way down

never felt sand so silky, seen water so clear

These two women, they are two gal pals who travel together everywhere. With their well appointed outfits and aquanet hair. Both over 68.
I wanna be that fun at 68

2005  lance armstrong Brasstown Bald - all the press had to stay on one side of the finish only. The OLN moto got in there way. I was on the other side - OLN moto was not in my way.

Sunset, Salt Lake City Utah Airport June 2005

I don't think I've seen the sky so... just so

June 2005, Lake Tahoe. In the support vehicle. it was a convertible. it was sweet.

April 2005, Linden Vineyards. 76 degrees, 13 wines, 6 friends, 4 cheeses, 1 perfect day

2005 GA, Floyd! Floyd! Don't turn your hea--- oh well

2005, Warrenton NC, Smoke house

2005 October, Chicago IL, Under the L

2004 Emerald Bay, Mile 16, California side of Lake Tahoe, 6:40 AM

2004 Mile 18, California side of Lake Tahoe, 7 AM

2002, Along the Trace, Mississippi

June 2004, Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Neveda, Harrah's

The day before the century

2005 GA Brasstown Bald,