2005  lance armstrong Brasstown Bald - all the press had to stay on one side of the finish only. The OLN moto got in there way. I was on the other side - OLN moto was not in my way.

Sunset, Salt Lake City Utah Airport June 2005

I don't think I've seen the sky so... just so

June 2005, Lake Tahoe. In the support vehicle. it was a convertible. it was sweet.

April 2005, Linden Vineyards. 76 degrees, 13 wines, 6 friends, 4 cheeses, 1 perfect day

2005 GA, Floyd! Floyd! Don't turn your hea--- oh well

2005, Warrenton NC, Smoke house

2005 October, Chicago IL, Under the L

2004 Emerald Bay, Mile 16, California side of Lake Tahoe, 6:40 AM

2004 Mile 18, California side of Lake Tahoe, 7 AM

2002, Along the Trace, Mississippi

June 2004, Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Neveda, Harrah's

The day before the century

2005 GA Brasstown Bald,