My first donation!

I recieved my first donation today! WOO HOO! $25 down, $3975 to go
Nervous? me? well, yes... yes I am. When it comes down to it, the only reason i can give for doing this and asking for donations is... well... for love - of people, of families, of life.
If you think it's all B.S., that's ok, not a lot of people think the same things.
If you think I'm nuts, yeah, I'll wear that like a badge of honor.
If you think no one really benefits, that's where I'll tell you you are wrong.
here is a note from a young lady I met through last years ride. She's about 16 years old and has been surviving and thriving.

Hi Everyone,
    My name is Marissa Hull and I am one of your honored teammates!  I met many of you at the kick-off several weeks ago.  I was wondering how your training was going?  My Dad has come home the last couple of Saturdays very enthusiastic and says that everyone seems to be doing very well.  So I guess that means you are all having fun and that the season is off to a great start!  
      I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts with training and with fundraising.  It is a great thing you are doing and I hope you know how important you are to people like me, who might not be where we are today if it was not for people like you raising money to help find better treatment for these cancers.  I really admire you a lot for what you are doing.  I know it is not easy fundraising and I know if is not always easy training every Saturday.  I did the Virginia Beach half-marathon last September with Team In Training, so I know the hard work it takes to raise the money and to train!  But I do want you to know how much I appreciate you!
      I wanted to let you know that I will be at your training this Saturday.  I am looking forward to seeing you all out there on your bikes and helping you out however I can!  At least I can cheer you on!! 
      Keep up the great work!   GO TEAM!!!