Ok, for those of your out there who think I'm a wuss for not riding in the cold... Ok, fine, I am a wuss.
DUDE, it's cold! When you are standing still in the sunshine it doesn't feel so bad. On a shade covered path going 17 MPH it's a little nippy - EEK!
I'm very happy to say that I sent out 110 donation letters this past week. If i were to get $40 from each I would make my goal and then some! Normally about 1/2 the folks I send letters to donate and that's totally cool. I'm a little nervous this year, like I was last. In the past my company would always sponcer me a nice big donation, but since changing companies, I've missed that little help =( I did have some fabu individual donors from around the office - that was great. I have faith that they'll support this effort again =)
My Training:
I was a good girl and rode indoors Sunday morning for 35 minutes - I'm not sure but I think that's worth about 45 or 50 outdoor minutes. Need to check the Carmichael book for the correct math on that.

Margaret's (or Maggi's depending on when you met me) Tip of The Day:
$100 for a good saddle is worth every penny! The Saddle is where your fanny goes on the bike. NOW, given that you will spend some time on that sucker, you'd like to have a nice seat for your fanny, no?
I recommend a Terry Saddle - they are like buttah! I have one that just keeps my fanny happy.
They make a super cool one that is PINK! the $$ from that saddle goes to Cancer Research.
pink Ti
Nope, I've not plunked down for that one yet - maybeif I get a fun custom jobbie =)
much love and time for beddy bye