Ear Aches, Fevers and 20%

So it's March and I have a stellar ear infection (mmm, attractive) coupled with a handsome fever (delightful)
After my trip to the doctor's, I came home, put on my jammies and watched a movie or 4. My dear little blue bike sitting on the trainer, calling me
"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaggiiiiiiiiiiiii.... you can ride for a little bit, come on"
but I know I need to be healthy, so sadly my bike and I watched French Kiss for the billionth time.
The day perked up with a visit from a dear freind with BBQ chicken in hand (as you know, 9 out of 10 Doctor's recommend BBQ chicken for ear infections). Thanks Gregasourus Rex!
The perked up even more with a trip to the mail box...
HURRAY!!!! including the $100 for signing up a buddy of mine to do the ride today ( YEA NANCY) and the donations I recieved in the mail, current total [insert drum roll here]
$970!!YEAH! that is almost 20% of my goal!!!!
I'm so close! I'm a little scare - the thing about saying I'm going to raise $4000 is that I have to raise $4000 - if I raise $3000, I need to come up with the other $1000 to make... you guessed it $4000.
I think I'll be ok - I have faith.
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