Outside is a foreign place to me lately.
Too cold to ride, Too rainy to ride, Too both to ride - the joy of asthma. My lungs need a VISA just to go OUTSIDE.
So i ride inside - not as much fun, catch up on tv shows, but it's not OUTSIDE, it's inside. Inside = no fun. OUTSIDE = FUN!

Today, as I'm microwaving my chicken and pasta lunch in the office kitchen, i look OUTSIDE and sigh. Green grass, bright sun, fresh air, birds doing bird things, bees doing bee things - all OUTSIDE

'wish i was OUTSIDE'
Divine Intervention sets in.... (insert sounds of angels singing here)
"Margaret - you nut! you live 7 miles away - go, eat, drive home and get your bike!!!"

I eat, thinking "I can be OUTSIDE!"
I grab my keys, thinking "I can be OUTSIDE!"
I drive like a mad woman, thinking "I can be OUTSIDE!"
I get dressed, grab some water and GU and the next thing I know...
I'M OUTSIDE! I really really am! It was like that Pinoccio "I'm a real boy" thing.

I rode from my house to the office (in 22 minutes) and will be riding home after work.
I feel like a genius.
MAN - what a beautiful day!!!
Hey you - reading this - Go home, eat and ride your bike!
If you can't find a buddy ride to with, be your own buddy and get out and see the sun and new spring flowers and annoy all those people stuck in their cars b/c you are OUTSIDE!

Poet Lauriet of Glengyle Drive,