Pink is my signiture color...

My training has been following a less than regular schedule but When i can find time I ride my little heart out.
Saturday was te perfect day. I rode my bike from Vienna into the city with two dear friends to see the Cherry Blossoms. DC was a flitter with tourists and pretty much a giant parking lot. Ah the joy of a bicycle, we just strolled along and enjoyed the sites. It was truly a beautiul day!
On a techinicle note, the ride out to the city has it's little challenges for me and I was super super happy that my indoor training has paid off - I manage to keep up with my two friends and parts of the ride that were difficult in the past, proved to be a little easier =) YEA! =)

So far, with everyone's help, we've raised about $2700!! $1300 to go!
$1300 in 6 weeks should be doable - I have faith I can make it =)

Much love!
Maggi, Margaret
Poet Lauriet =)