Set backs are more of a step forward

100 miles
four thousand dollars
a very cold winter
a very cool spring
a pair of lungs

It's been interesting training this year. I went out on Wednesday hoping to find myself ready to ride outdoors. It was just cool enough and just dry enough... let's just saw it was a short ride.
on the last mile home, i didn't think about this as a set back, but a step forward, to succeed.
A chance to look and see the path needed to follow for success.
The next day I collected my gear and head out again, with more success than the day before. And Today, yet again I headed out with my buddy Shu into the cool morning and rode home in the slightly warming evening.Had some machinical difficulties on the way home - flat tire, chain, another flat tire (Lesson #2 in cycling - make sure you have 2, that's TWO tubes in your bike bag). Again, not set backs but steps forward - I changed the second flat faster than the first one =)

I made a promise to L&LS to raise money for them and ride a hundred miles for them.
Lots of big steps forward to succeeding =)

Thanks abig bunch!
Margaret, Magginifica

I wonder if I can change my name to Magginifica legally