Three kidneys and a Cancer

Last evening, My friend Heidi (i call her HI )ventured out with me in search of a jacket. This task took us to Hudson Trail Outfitters. They have good gear, good people, good snacks
Search begins with a few things in mind: $100 max, waterproof but breathable, i must look good in it
The store annouces "15 minutes to closing", out of no where...
"Hi Ladies, how can I help?"

Enter, stage right: Jason - the Sales Guy (JtSG for short).
I begin to pick JtSG's brain for jacket info and
much chatting insues.
A jacket was decided upon and HI was keen to point out that Safety Yellow or Apple Green would be the way to go. Safety Yellow is sweet! However, I am already a big cycling dork and next week I will be at the Tour de Georgia and have gear that has cycling crap on it, so in my twisted little mind I'm thinking "yellow jacket leads to yellow jersey leads to yellow bracelet = UBER Huge Lance Dork"
JtSG says,"Hey that's cool, it's for cancer, I had cancer." The chatting continues and we learn...

  • JtSG is a PE teacher
  • JtSG works part time at the shop "To support [his] habit" (he says this while he is trying on jackets himself).
  • JtSG was diagnosed with Hodgkins not too long ago and is in remission (99% chance of it not coming back).
  • Was thought that JtSG had a tumor in his abdomen...turns out... not a tumor... third kidney.
  • JtSG and his mom participated in a TnT event right after his treatment.
  • JtSG is a little hyper and silly and fun.

Jason the Sales Guy - currently in the top 5 for Regular Joe Type Heroes.

Jacket color: doesn't really matter much
Looking all matchy: yeah... doesn't matter
Seeing Lancy Pants: yeah... still cool, but not as much a big deal as before

I left Hudson Trail Outfitters with a smile on my face, thoughts of asking Jason out and a reminder of how amazing humans are. When they care and study and research and learn and fight, miracles happen. Jason is a miracle - to his family, to his students, to me for those 20 minutes of fun and banter, not to mention three kidneys (dude, he's like superman or something).
The Folks at L&LS work so hard to fund research and every penny counts
Thanks Jason the Sales Guy!