about freaking time...

Hi! Yeah, so I've been on vaca and and went straight back to work the second I was back so I haven't been able to share the AWESOME TIME I HAD IN GA!!!!
MAN OH MAN - I can't really describe what it was like...
like watching pro racing on tv only the tv was life size
... that looks like Floyd Landis, but it must be a look a like....

Shook hands with Phil Ligget

I had breakfast with Bob "Tour DAY France" Roll

Andrea Tafi sat next to me in a bus

And then to watch the coverage on OLN on Sunday - WOW
I saw myself on TV, but it was realy just my ponytail and my torso and I was jumping up and down like a big dork fan, which is what I am. Along with seeing this atheletes in person, I met so many people that I never want to forget. people from everywhere in the US and Canada, from all walks, from all careers, from all corners - we were all the same there, Huge Fans of cycling.
I guess this is what it's like for baseball fans when they going to training camp with their favorite teams.
I'm so lucky to have had the chance to go and particpate. It was the best time of my life!
As soon as I can be a little more coherant (surprising, yes, but it is posible), I'll share the photo's and storys of the tour =)