Blah news and Good News

So The Blah first: On the advice of my Doc and some deep thought, I've decided to step away from participating in Tahoe for the Cancer Charity event in June. It's really a smart way to go b/c my asthma has been worse than ever and my lungs never quite healed up from lasts year trek to 6500 ft above sea level. I'm alittle sad but not that much really b/c the most super, uber important goal is being reached - Cancer research and survivors are getting the much needed funding they deserve. the little sad part is b/c I made promise, but I will just be post poning that promise.

The Good news: With proper care and taking it easy, I can be back to my crazy hard core riding ways for next year. This year is all about relaxing, letting the lungs heal up and do what they do best =) In the words of Rachel to Ross "Hard Core Charity Cycling, we just need a break" =) I'll take this year to take it easy on my lungs and next year - WATCH OUT!