Good things... =)

So, it's late and it's been a busy
lots to think about
lots to plan
lots to take care of
lots to get rid of
running around
but I try to remember to stop and take a mental picture or tivo a moment or two of the day.
Here is my photo/tivo list:
Whisteria growing along Hunter Mill road - so pretty
*Driving to pick up a sandwich, windows open, sun out, singing out loud and badly to a song on the radio
*Quick chat with a friend overseas - he'd better not be in his hotel room =)
*Getting a wonderful card in the mail from someone I haven't seen in ages, but she sent me a little note of encouragement and a wonderful donation (the card is GORGEOUS! it's pink!)
*Driving on 495, the sky is like a painting
*That moment right before my nephews melt down, when they are really quiet and sweet and smile... THEN they start to scream =)
*Sitting with my brother in his basement talking computer geek stuff - 40 minutes of real converation =)
*Learning to prep the 64 oz of formula for the boys with my brother

Good things... great tivos =) I love when I get ready for bed and think about the day. Especially when the lights are out and I'm under the covers and I'm smiling just because.