Popcorn + Fruit Loops = Episode of CSI

I had a dream last night, somewhat vivid, somewhat lucid, but very memorable. No, it's not one of THOSE dreams, ew. I was somewhere outside, running with someone. Not jogging, but being chased or trying to hide.The next t hing I know, I'm jumping and I'm shot in the chest, right in the sternum.I felt something - it wasn't pain, just the sensation of the bullet going into my chest. I could feel hitting the ground, the leaves and grass around me. I rolled onto my side, both hands over the wound. I remember thinking,"just close your eyes, they got away, it's ok to die, they got away"
This is when things started to get more lucid
I wasn't scared, I certainly wasn't going to close my eyes and let it pass. I started taking stock of the situation. I could feel my heart beating, I could take short shallow breathes. I could feel a cold wet dripping through my hands. But I didn't feel it on my back so the bullet didn't go all the way through. The bullet must be lodged in there, shoulder blade or against the vertebrae, must have been a small caliber. Heart beat is even, so it didn't hit my heart, tight chest, must have it the lung...ALL of this going through my head while I'm lieing on the ground. I look at my chest and I see the hole and think,"ok, i've been shot" - still not scared, just taking note there is a hole in my chest. I'm going through, from head to toe, noting my condition.
I see someone I work with (in the real world) and I call out ,"dan, call 911" OK. I'm listening and he's calling the office, he's calling my bosses. "DAN, CALL 911" Ok. still on the phone with my bosses.

Then I remember being annoyed with dan and thinking, "just get up". So I did. I walked a bit and up to an ambulance, the EMT turns and I said "Hi, i've been shot in the chest" I take my hands away from the wound to show him.

Then I wake up.

So weird
No more microwave popcorn and fruit loops at 12:30 AM
I wasn't even watching CSI