Needle and Thread

There is something...
about summer
about sitting in the sun
about reading a book
about just thinking

being outside, letting the sun warm and toast your skin, reading a book meant for teenagers

I can't put my finger on it

Why does thought and wisdom come at the most generic of times
there is something about that
Maybe if i'd been out in the sun earlier, read that book sooner, i would have figured that out

As I told a good freind about 2 weeks...he was saying moments in life where coming to him late, I said no, they were coming just in time. I need to remember that for myself. I need to stitch that on a pillow =)

There is something so uncovering and relieving about sitting on my patio in my chair, under the sun with a book that is pretty astute for the ages of its protagonists... heroines of sorts, more than surviving, but living and letting themselve live and not be afraid.

Need to stitch that on a pillow too =)