"Damn that's heavy"

On or around my 30th birthday, I decided I would start to have more fun, be more adventurous, Let Maggi out of the closet.
It started with unloading a boyfriend who love to eat - thus I loved to eat (still do but I've learned my lesson, read on). The un loading was liberating. He did not want to join in on the New Adventures of Maggi.

30 - I got on my bike, rode for charity, made great friends, made friends, lost a little weight, went to Atlanta (I've never really traveled in the US)
31 - i got on my bike again, rode again, made great friends, made friends with someone i hated the year before, SAW GRACELAND!!! Rock on, eat catflish for breakfast,
32 - So, back on the bike, lost about 70 lbs, rode for another charity in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, bought a house (A condo really)
33 - bike, yadda, charity yadda - had some health issues that slowed me down, but there is always next year, Had breakfast with Phil Ligget and Bob Roll, had a beer with Floyd Landis, made an ass of myself in front of Levi Liphiemer (sp?), put a little weight back on.

So I'm still in year 33 - so far so good
Yes, I'm getting to my point.
So cycling has improved my life exponentially for this I thank you Da Vinci (but not for spawning that book, snore).

I ride my bike to work as gas (petrol) is $3 a gal ($1.26 a Liter or 1.03Eu/Liter), it's 12 to 13 miles round trip. It's a lovely ride. Friday last, I needed to take some things to the office. So my 3 lb bag was now about 25 lbs. I figured, "Hey, I lugged my fanny farther and with more weight, no problem"
In fact, I was really happy with how strong I was to carry so much weight on the bike. By the time I reached work, I was spent. I could not believe how tired I was. I roll my bicycle to my cubicle, and drop my bag with a thud. My boss arrived at the same time, was a little shocked at the thud. He picked up the bag, 'Damn That's HEAVY!"
I said, "Duh!"
That as only about 25 lbs, two years back I had more than twice that on my body. How did I not kill myself? How did I not die of a heart attack? How did I ride 300 miles with all that weight?

It was quite a little revelation and a little happy dance. This was a little nudge to remind me how far I've come =)