new lenses

there is a vision, my vision
I can see the end result, but as I look for the path, I'm myopic
It's frustrating
I have Baccarat moments, so fine and so clear, moments
I don't notice the time around me, only who's around me, what's around me
Smiles, laughs, good one liners, stories, histories
I love those moments that I forget the stresses, like a movie going past, i sit back and i'm home.

I can't live on those moments, they don't pay the mortgage
But they remind me, as I pay the mortgage, the electric bill and try to put away something in saving, to relax, life will have it's stresses. Remember the moments of shear joy in your life, they feed us, nourish us, remind us we are part of more.

I need to get a new pair of glasses that will not only enable me to be a better driver (one can only hope) and will refocus some of the light, help clear the foggy to the path I should follow.