A picture worth a few words...

I found this photo on another blog - He's a really good photographer - go and see his work - http://photographydummy.blogspot.com/ I just love this picture. One of the comments he got was a woman describing what she could see in his photo.

This is what I saw:

I can see a date, an older man with a nice burgandy wool sweater, pressed with love slacks and cozy shoes. Across from him, a sweet woman, simple lilac dress, sweater over her shoulders, a nice light pair of flat sensible shoes. She touches up her lipstick and he tells the waitress "two coffees, her's will be decaf, and the strawberry pancakes to share" The Waitress says, "I know Mr. Stoven, just like last week" with a smile.
The waitress sees a couple that she knows has sat there every saturday for 46 years.
The woman sees a man who has missed a button on his sweater, again.
The man sees a woman, who has never aged, grows more beautiful everyday and he loves more every minute. He always lets her have the last strawberry.

the end