Quote of the week

While out and about with a pal last weekend, We toddled by Mom's for a quick fitting of my pal's wedding gown (it's soo beautiful! I'd show you but her Fiance reads the blog =)) I relayed the story of growing up with mean neighbor kids across the street and the joy of public records (in short, the Boy Who Could Do Know Wrong did so some wrong)
As we pulled up to Mom's, from the passenger seat I hear...

"People with split foyers should NOT be snobs" (I believe I am quoting her properly)

This is a testament to her disdane for this particular form of architecture, those who choose to reside in said piece of architecture, and her support in my dislike and flashbacks to catholic school days.

Now for those of you who live near by and know one Ms Soon-to-be-Married, know what a quiet, delightful, kind sweet woman Miss HB is. But if you could have heard the disdane, the pith, the loathing in her voice....
You'd have laughed your fanny off as much as I did =)