Species: Humanous Dorkus Malorcus

Ok, so I'm about to go to bed, but I just have to check in with the Panda's. Normally they are sleeping when i get to watch. But tonight, Baby Boy panda is wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle. He was rooting around so Momma Panda sits up and nurses him. I am watching this LIVE on Panda Cam 2. Right now in Rock Creek Park is a little baby panda boy getting his grub-on. He is so funny, wiggle wiggle wiggle
You can hear his mother grunt back to his squeals. He just won't settle down and his mother is rooling to one side, then the other.
I can just hear "Honey, mommy is tired cut it out"
Boy Baby: But mmoooooooOOOoOooOoom come on, I want to snack and play.

WOW never in my life would I think this is cool, but it's pretty wicked

Sidebar: my dad helped build that habitat they're in - He's a retired master stone mason