Today's Agenda

8 AM: get up
9 AM: call Hi and have pancakes
10 AM: not really sure, so we'll just go out and do whatever.
I forget sometimes that the best days are the days that you do nothing constructive at all - no plans, no agenda, no time crunches. I spent the day just hanging out with a Hi - we went to home depot (She helped me change out my thermostat - She's brilliant) then we lolly gagged around. I love days like this.
Reminds me that my salary, the value of my home, my car - those don't make me feel rich or successful.
These do =)

G-Money Poodle - i have no pictures of you, babe - hook a sista up =)
I have a photo of another pal, but I've been sworn to secrecy to take said photos to my grave.