I'm sorry, what? (Revisited)

This is a portion of a post from June 26, 2005
I'm reposting it b/c yet again, today while at the pool with my nephews (8 mth old, SO CUTE) my mother and sister-in-law decided to poke the Caged Tiger of My Dating Life with the Pointy Stick of Good Intentions...

Today, 3 people all said the same thing to me: You should date and meet someone and make babies

I beg your pardon? I'm cool with just me.

My dear friend is marvoulously in love, so now she's after me to start dating
I said, Why is it not ok that I'm happy by myself, it that wrong?
She said, yes, you should be with someone, start dating
I should start DATING,
I thought,
all this time,
everyone has been telling me to start RATING,
which is why I'm so critical with I go out with men
He's a 2
He was 7
He's more of a 4.5 who thinks he's a 9.5, which really makes him a 3.87