Last evening around 11 pm EDT I felt:
no desire to go to work the next day
no desire to sleep
a strong desire to stay up all night on the computer

This being the bookend of the week were I was just feeling alittle blue. Work was a little more taxing than it needed to be. The reminder that I am the last single female I know wafted in my head a bit. Sunday, the family had a brunch to celebrate birthdays for my brother (9/28) and me (10/6). Everyone remembered it was for my brother but forgot my birthday, even mom. I'm almost 34 now, it's shouldn't bug me but it did.

I think it was all hormones really, b/c I'm pretty much ok with it today.

I mention this last night to my friend - the funk, the hormones
He said "maybe you are preggers?" (back story - it's been a LOOONG time since...)
I said, "Well, that could be a good thing (the rebirth of my lord and savior) or a bad thing (birth of the antichrist.... either way, I get a Made-for-TV movie starring Melissa Gilbert"