Gangsters, Pizza and so much wind

No, I'm not talking about my Godfather Movie Marathon/Dinner with Shu.
I'm very excited - I'm going to Chicago!

Thanks to my miles card I will be able to fly out tonight to see The Flea, who is learning to poke people in the eyeball.
I've never been to Chicago - my only adventures into the middle states (which really are just one big state to me) and past the Mississippi River have taken me to San Fran once and Lake Tahoe twice. Hurray Chicago!
John Belushi was born there in 1949, followed in life and career by his brother James in 1954.

In 2000, Chicagoians recycled ~296,425 TONS of glass, paper, batteries, cement, wood and more.

Walt Disney, creator of the cartoon character Mickey Mouse, was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901.

The world's longest street is Chicago's Western Avenue.

The term "Jazz" was coined in Chicago in 1914.

Other Chicago Firsts and Inventions:
Steel frame skyscraper, softball, elevated railway, zipper, daytime TV soap operas, McDonald's restaurant, electric iron and cooking range, grain reaper, reactor to produce electricity from atomic energy, bifocal contact lens, winding watch, and the Twinkie.