Not enouch RAM in my mental Tivo

It's very late. I'm very tired.
tonight...Bullet the Blue Sky... Pride... EL-E-VA-TION!
Tonight for the first time in my life I got to see U2 live.
The ticket was a miracle; My metro ride was short; My arrival was timely as I got the pink wrist band to stand in the center circle - 2 meters from Bono and The Edge

as I stood there between the opening act and the Boys, I saw a dad and his 8 year old son, a mom and her 4 year son, a Grandfather, Son/Dad and Grandsons/sons. Dead heads, Jocks, Queens, Twinkies, D&G Bag Girls, Teeny Boppers, Dorks, Geeks, Studs, Barbies, Blue Hairs, Straight Laced, Surfers, Skaters, Playah Haters, Preps. 5 year olds, 21 year olds, 16 year olds, 48 year olds, 34 year olds, 63 year olds. Every shape, race and creed. All these people, all in one space, none remembering the admin's remarks about dress code. Definately not wondering if the Senates currently ready to fully vet Harriet Miers.
the lights went down
the guiter started
all eyes on one man, then two, then three, then Bono
the lights
the words
I don't have enough RAM in my mental Tivo to remember all of it.
I just know that I smiled like a fool
I screamed like a school girl
I jumped like a drop of water on a hot skillet
Meters away from a band that I've wanted to see for years and years. I went by myself and I didn't care. I love every minute of it, not loved, love every minute. I think my favortie moments were when Bono would stop singing but the crowd kept going or when The Edge would start pinging in a few notes and the crowd would start singing before Bono did.
I love every minute.

So just two weeks after my birthday and my 34th year of doing new things and I've marked three things off my list
#1 Visit somewhere I've never been - Chicago
#2 See a big concert - U2
#3 Not to be afraid to do things on my own - See #2

I am so ready for bed now
I have no words more to describe last night without quelling it's actuality.