This one time... At Macaroni Grille...

So yesterday, I went to pick up lunch for my boss and a few folks de le Office at le Mac Grille - as I am known to do rarely as I am not a pack horse. Given my new found joie d'vive, I ventured into the scattered foggy drizzle remnants of Hurricane Wilma.

I was looking my usually sassy self but for some reason I decided to wear a bright Green blouse (also as I am known to do rarely) with my black suit AND my favorite boots. I could fight crime in these boots, as I wish I was known to do. But instead I will fight the evils of twice rolled jean hems and the perilous wares of Jaquoline Smith a la Kmart.

I walk in, wallet in hand, and proceed to bump into a tall nice looking fellow with tragically hemmed slacks (yes, i noticed that within seconds). Excuse me, sorry (flash a smile, bat the lashes)

He says with some aplomb, "Hi! Are YOU who I'm supposed to have lunch with?"
I said, "Sadly, no, but I could be" (reprise of the flash smile and batty eyelashes)
He smiled back and THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN his blind date showed up. (We won't go into her tragically appointed outfit, therefore her fitting title of "Blind" date)

C'est La Vie, n'est pa?