tick tock tick tock

"it's time" - heard in many ways to mean many things
It's linear, intangible; It's a noun, a verb and an adjective; a measure, a duration, an occasion, an age, a season, a tempo, a turn
We lose it, find it, have it, give it, share it, track it
It's a dichotomy - it is finite and infinite; defines and indefinite
It's contradictory - it stops but still ongoing, remembered but forgotten
It's now, later, before, brief, soon, often, occasionally, rarely, never
There is never enough but there is way too much
Global, local, seasonal, atomic, biologic
We save it to have it, but never seem to have enough
A moment can be nano or endless

I take my time to do somethings, and in no time at all, do others
I take moments and make them last forever; I have hours, days I've forgotten
I like the moments best: standing the dark anticipating the notes from a guitar, sitting in a chair as tiny precious eyes open on me for the first time, deafening seconds of laughter with friends old and new, Saturday mornings just as the waffles come out of the iron, the realization of the first few successful seconds on your first bike.

IT'S TIME! tell me, what's your time?