Honey, I don't know where you parked the sofa...

...is it by the automan?

Mr. Edd China is tinkerer of things not meant to be motorized...

"Fastest Furniture
The Casual Lofa, a motorized sofa built by Edd China and David Davenport, has a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph). Powered by a Mini 1300 cc engine, it is licensed for use on UK roads and is steered by turning a medium pizza pan.
The car sofa started life as a three wheeler with a Mini 850cc as the rear with a Reliant front. The car sofa has now been modified with a Mini 1300 cc engine and four wheels.
The speedy sofa is operated with a medium pizza pan as a steering wheel, a cola can as the foot brake lever, and a chocolate bar to adjust the gears, with front indicators in flower pots and a speedometer attached to the coffee table. The in-car entertainment includes a working black and white television.
Incredibly, the car – which has seating capacity for a driver and two passengers – has covered over 25,750 km (16,000 miles) since it was built."

He's even added new definition to the mobile office:

Way to tinker, Eddy (in the back):