I have not much to say today. Which in and of itself is a rare happenstance, tantamount to the frequency in which GW admits he's a jackass.
Really.... no opinions... Shocker, no?
Had a good weekend, got some quality silly time with the nephews (who really are the cutest children ever) well, there is an opinion there but... hung out the Goldeners, saw Harry Potter IV... good movie, Harry, Hermione and Ron are so grown up and cute ... yeah another opinion...
squished some Camelback crickets who have decided to move in with nary a penny for the mortgage... Found my favorite leopard print jammies... that was cool

OH, yeah, so I bought this wee set of 3 christmas tress (2ft, 3 ft, 4 ft) very cute. Last night I decide to go through the box of ornament my mom gave last January. Serious, the box has been in my closet and never a second thought b/c it was past christmas. So I open the box and on top I see the first christmas ornament I ever made, in kindergarten. It's no objet d'arte, but I love that sad little felt thing (picture to come). As I get deeper into the box, I see that my mom has carefully packed an assortment of the Hallmark ornaments we've collected through the years. From 1985, 1980, 1976... I just cried... so many fun memories and crazy christmas'. All of them flooding back. She even packed a few of her very favorite glass ornaments... she has little bells, so delicate, beautiful glass. She only has four of them (my brother got two when he got married). She gave me two of them. =)
This unpacking and remembering reminded me how amazing a year i've had. To me, the passing on of the ornaments is much bigger rite of passage then buying my first home. I don't know how to explain how much it meant to see my mother favorite tokens all wrapped with care, in there little appointed places in the blue box my mother gave me.

huh... I guess I did have something to say =)