Company Holiday Parties

Ok, I'm not a huge fan, but for politics sake... I'll go.
What drives me batty is a Staff Memeber in our company who seems to not only know everyone who came and didn't come, but will then discuss your absense with your superiors. AND this Staff Memeber will point out the other times you've missed corporate events. THEN this Staff Memeber badger you about it on Monday morning and continue to discuss.

When I missed a dinner [b/c I had promise my choir director and famliy priest I would sing at Christmas mass and would not miss a rehersal,] it was made a huge point I was absent. Several times, so much so that people I don't regularly work with informed me it was a topic of conversation. That particular Staff Memeber brought it to my attention 3 times - on the third time, I said "So-and-so, you know I'm so lucky to be working with you. I've never had coworker care so much for me and my whereabouts. It's great that you think so highly and so much about me"
[deer in head lights] the only description I have for this Staff Memeber's reaction.

Anyway, think they'll miss me on Friday in this?