Help mom with a friend
Help mom's friend with new future
Help dad with mom
Help mom with mom
Help Brother with camera
Help Little Buddies with babysitting
Help Sister-in-law with Brother
Help co-worker with co-worker
Help part time job with success
Help full time job with success
Help strangers with holidays
Help Mom with holidays
Help Church with holidays
Help New Nazi Choir director with Holidays
Help mortgage with payments
Help wallet with holidays
Help Uncle with computer
Help Aunt with Uncle

I'm feeling the bundle of bands, pulled to help, to hold.
I'm honored by those who ask me for help but i'm too stupid to say no
From their view - I'm single, mobile and easily can be where they need me.
From my view - I saw my little condo for 12 hours of the 48 hours that where this past weekend.
Each had to happen this weekend

This coming weekend - I'll sleep til noon, I'll sing the Pie Jesu in a beautiful choir, I'll bake 35000 cavities worth of cookies.
My bands will rest and eat cookies