These are a few of my least favorite things...

When I can't sleep
When I can eat, all i see in sight
I simply remember the things I can't fix

It's a question that will not have answer: Why do people suck?

The relief is that sometimes, those People move away and you can help them do so. They'll just take what they can and then slap you for not having what they want. Why do People expect everything and do nothing in return. Why can I not just accept that some people are unkind and willingly or not, suck faith and kindness dry to the marrow. I'm an adult, I should have this skill. I'm usually not a downer - but I am a worrier. I want to see the good side, the brighter side

Soon, They'll be home soon and in return we'll have her back
I can't wait to pick her up at the airport and she'll finally be back

I'm sure my relief at sending them back will find me a particularly choice spot in Hell, but I'll have good company =)
And now I'll have that to worry about =) but not for too long.