It's all shiney!

it's a lovely new year
new air
new ideas
new adventures!
the last few weeks have been a bit of an adventure - a WHOLE lot of family, a WHOLE lot of food, a WHOLE lot of good news, a WHOLE lot of good friends.

To Recap: with mom traveling and crazy work schedule and a monster strain of stomach and colon affecting virus, none of us had time or energy to brave the malls and cataloges I felt bad that I didn't really get a chance to do some deep thinking or planning and gifts were very much of the practical nature.
But this was the best christmas we've had! What we did give and get were all things that we'll use a ton - I like gifts like that. We ended up spending a great deal of time together, which in the grand scheme, is better than any gift. We watched the boys do what they do, we had family from outside the country come in. it was very comfortable.

New Years was great - The second annual Happy Maggi New Years Party was a hoot IF i do say so myself. Friends that weren't able to make it were there in spirit. The Menu consisted of Shu's first attempt at frying a turkey - yes, FRYING a turkey. Hot Oil, Propane Tank, Fire, Beer and Testosterone - let's just say I demanded a fire extinguisher.

My favorite thing about this party: everyone came and relaxed, we drank, we laughed, took pictures, drank, everyone brought something to munch on (sooo yummy). Since we're all in a money crunch, this was our present to each other. It was the best present! Melly came from Chicago, Adam ventured all the way from Fredneck - I mean Frederick, MD to join us.
We rang in the new year and woke some of my neighbors
We threw pots of water out the door to symbolize throwing out the worries of the year past.
We drank more then went to bed =)
The next morning we had a super yummy breakfast - we all partook of Adam's sticky buns - so tasty. Everyone mildly hungover and in the jammies Santa had left for theam at my house. Shu and Hi live just a block away and they came back for waffles and buns. I was so tickled b/c they came in their jammies and robes - Hi brought her slippers =)

what a lovely end to 2005 and a lovely begining to 2006 =)
I'll have pictures up soon

I'm rambling a bunch today b/c I think so much happened that I really enjoyed I can't share it all =) I'm sure as the regularly scheduled work week returns and the holiday wares are packed away, waiting 11 months to see the sun again, my brain will return to its usual state and I'll have plenty to say! =)

2006 will bring a bunch of new adventures - I'm going on a cruise this month and snorkeling (I have a fear of drowning in open water, so this should be good), I'm going back to Chicago in February, March has not shown it's adventure yet... sneaky little March. I think the plan is to stay cool in the spring and go to Spain in the summer. If that is the case then dropping 50 lbs is foremost the plan for 2006. It's bad enough they see me over there as a spinster, but if I show up pudgy, OI!, i'll never hear the end. Plus, they might line up a few nice young men for me to meet [pause] [insert mad maniackle laughter here]

OH, I have a bet for 2006 - I must have a real date for my company holiday party in Dec of 2006. Not a guy friend, but a Date date - the kind that puts out and not random date that puts out, but a nice guy - boyfriend material. It just seems a waste to get all liquored up and not have a fella to nosh on in the coat closet, no?

ANYWAY - Happy New Adventure Year to all of you ( all 6 of you who read my blog)

Let's have some fun this year!