Verb for the weekend

Chronicle: verb - record in chronological order; make a historical record
I love taking pictures, whether they suck or not, i like taking them. Video too
I've been thinking lately about my desire or need to chronicle. Some of it stems from not having many if any photos of my family prior to 1960. I take pictures of all sorts of stuff - people, puddles, frogs, cars, walls, train tracks. I have a fear of Alshemiers - maybe that's part of it. I just love to take pictures. I wonder it some of it stems from of a fear of being forgotten. Like my pictures are my legacy...

ANYWAY, this weekend I will adventure and I will chronicle as I will be going on a . I'll stay in and spend 3 's and 3 's goin to . I'll go ing for the first time.

Should be interesting =)