FEMA? Red Cross? Meet Gema

Every person you meet, they had a mom and a dad - parents. Whether they were merely biological donors or guiding mentors for life - we've all got them. I count myself very lucky. My dad will come over for an hour and I'll have new electrical outlets in a room or a new toilet or tile floors under my washer and dryer. My mom - well, you're read about Gema. She is ever the guider, the feeder, the dresser, the helper.

We had a pretty decent snow fall in the last few days and that put G.E.M.A. into action. The Garcia Emergancy Management Agency hit the kitchens and began to prepare MRE's for the 3 main locations:

Location: Homestead

Location: Grandpuppies

Location: Lone Striker

Homestead - Mission Control for all operations

Mission: MRE (Most Remarkable Eats) Drop - food for a week so no one has to worry about groceries

Grandpuppies - this location has a higher volume of Garcias, and largest age gap, so food prep is key for growing little monkeys and their parents. Wrench in the works: grandpuppies have been hit with colds - runny noses, flemmy breathing. Mission steps up and food prep become monumental in vitamin content and hearty tummy filling for optimal health and toothly little grins. Grandpuppies MRE Drop involved large scale containers and plenty of Grandparent Snuggling and Singing of Old MacDonald.

Lone Striker - That would be me, the sniper, Daddy's little girl armed with a Home Depot Credit Card and a sassy sense of sarcasm. Care and feeding require ease and compactablity. Drops are rare as schedules often don't align, so I did a drive by.

Below are images of my drop pack and my MRE's:

MRE DROP BAG: A mild mannered Starbucks bag with coffee treats...

Or is it? as you can see, it's camo'd for protection from looters

One Drop Pack contains 3-5 MRE's

One serving of KILLER G.E.M.A. pasta sauce and mini pene (she knows I love the mini pene)

One serving of Uber Hearty Homemade White Bean Soup. Totally worth the "toots of fire" about 2 hours after consumption - best consumed alone and at home

Two to Three servings of Beans and Rice Ala G.E.M.A. If you have a cold or the flu - this will cure it

"Ah, Mah-ghee - if you have a little salad at the house, here is some dressing, if you don't, well, no salad"

I just adore my mom =) she's is so funny

For those of you who've eaten G.E.M.A.'s MRE's - you know the eatin's good!

For those of you who haven't - As Gema would say, "Oh really? too bad, may be next time"