I should know better, but I don't

I'm still, on a very reall level amazed by people. Especially in the work place.
I'm amazed at the time spent, spinning yarns and gossiping.
I have no interest in expressing my personal opinions about my coworkers b/c they are my thoughts, they are not meant for professional discussion.
But it's always interesting to me to walk into a room and find I am the topic of gossip.
My Shoes - I'm wearing cute dressy Burkenstocks b/c my back is bother me today and all of my team are traveling, so I can dress comfortably. I was labeled a hippy today - nothing could be further from the truth and I have my 17 year old Nordies Credit Card to prove it.
My knowledge - I read, I watch the news, I'm educated. I'm always asking questions, listening, wanting to learn more. I was called a know-it-all today b/c I knew to ask the caterer if they had a kosher kitchen.

Neither instance, to my face - I walked in on it.

To all those who feel they need to make commentary on anyone in a vain that is unproductive - enjoy. Yes, I care, I don't like to be spoken about like that behind my back - you don't like something I do - tell me, don't be a coward.

Maybe I'll use multi-sylable words today =)