The least sexy of all the organs...

When you hear that someone has gone to the emergency room, what enters your mind?
Car accident? Heart attack? Broken Bone? Blunt object protruding from a limb?
They sound serious and are serious
The Pancreas; The Liver; The Colon; The Femoral Artery, The cerebellum
Parts of the body with names that you know are powerful b/c they are powerful organs with powerful jobs.
Of all the things in the world that would send me to the ER in pain, my body decides it's the GALLBLADDER that will take me down. It has no street cred, no power, or so I thought

Early Saturday morning 2:30 AM - I am awakened (is that grammatically correct?) by what feels like fire under my ribs. After a small glass of milk and a Berry Flavored Tums and 30 minutes, the pain persisted and intensified, I was a little nervous. I had to wake Melly(my weekend guest and dear friend) b/c I was thinking me driving was not a good idea.
In Short, we learned in the 8 hours in the ER, that I have gallstones due to gallbladder disease.
Well, crap - ok, now what?
In Short, Goodbye super yummy spice ethic foods, Hello semi-cutie surgeon and a couple of days home.
All in all - this will help in my Nike+iPod self challenge and i now have some lovely pain killers.
Over the next few days we'll delve into the gastrointestinal world of the GB and it's removal.
oh joy