Word of the day... Cranky

for no particular reason - just cranky for some general reasons, some specific

A little Cranky b/c I could have caught the GB incident two weeks ago when I was feeling funny, but you live and you learn =)
A little Cranky b/c I'm preoccupied more so than I'd like to be - I'll be better after my appointment on Thursday (p.s. the surgeon is a cutie)
A little Cranky b/c Project Runway isn't until tomorrow - Someone is getting pitched and I'm itchin' to see who
A little Cranky b/c as I sing along to my Pink playlist I find that my alto voice is really not up to par for choir this fall - opps, should have practiced =)
A little Cranky b/c it's crappy hot out but I just had the A/C unit serviced, so it's all good and 70 degrees in the condo

So I'm not really "cranky" per say - just human

I feel like I should have a hiaku prepared or something

Maybe next time