So "Latina Phone" has reaped GOLD

So, I've been getting into doing voice-over work and found a fun group that produces "old time radio" type audio shows. They do Superman serials, Batman serials - yes the dorky comic book stuff I like and some original stuff too. It's fun - 99% of the work is self written and produced and has a huge listener-ship. They hold auditions every once and a while and my volumes of auditions have reaped me the following:

The role of "REPORTER # 8" for Superman #25 with one whole line

Two roles for a Mad Max serial with a bunch of lines one of which is "The Diggers took my baby!" ... Yeah, i know

BUT my years of answering the phone "Hello! and welcome to Latina Phone, if you know the name of the Latina you would like to speak with, please press one" has landed me the role of of a life time.... I will be... wait for it.... a building. YES, I am the voice of Lexcorp Industries Towers starting in Superman #27 and going forward. "Welcome to Lexcorp Industries, Please state your destination."
A building.
I'm so so very proud

Once these are download-able I'll let you know
but you can start listening to the stuff Pendant has already done BM (Before Maggi) you can find them on iTunes or you can go to their website