Cocoa Therapy, Part Deux

You'd be amazed what a warm sweet beverage can do for the soul. I sat back at home with a PHC (see previous post) and my blog and read back.

2006 was a bit of a test for me. Karmicly, it kind of stunk.
I look back at some of the hurdles and found a general imbalance. Through my hurdles and those of my family. I kept praying and wishing and working. In retrospect, I received a lot of hope and kindness and love and I don't think i gave it back - 2006, though an even number,was a year of imbalance.

So 2007 will be a year of atonement - a year to making up for the previous year of taking. I'm not sure how to explain. I just know I need to stand up, be brave and face the new challenges. To give of myself more.

If a challenge doesn't feel scary or insurmountable, it's not worth the facing and no lesson can be learned. If you think "hey, I can do that" - where is the challenge? what have you learned? I need to get the proverbial stick out of ... well... you know...

2007 - odd, but balanced... just need to be brave

Man, that is one good cup of cocoa.