Cocoa Therapy Part III

Yesterday I did not have a brave day – I was off my game, I recovered some but it’s hard. I found myself not myself – like I was bystander, observing, contemplating, taking in what was around me and processing it. The trigger was a 30 second diatribe by someone above my pay grade who spoke down to me in front of someone above their pay grade. I didn’t feel I deserved this especially not in front those who could have some impact on my future. I was disappointed – that’s the right word. I felt let down by someone I respected by behavior that was uncalled for. Knowing that person as I do, I know follow up comments were made about me to those around b/c that is their M/O. Again, disappointing – I guess I expected better behavior or a sense of decorum. A recognition that a verbal tear down should have been private, not recreation.

The tirade felt overcooked for the situation: I wasn’t at my desk to answer my phone immediately.

I know, I know – this is not a utopia of thoughtful, mature people.
If dark chocolate was free –there is a utopia I can get behind… yeah.

I sit, I sip, I ponder semi-deeply
I think, I wonder, I admire rather sleeply
I retract and detract, collect thoughts professionally

And reminded Higher Paid Grade, “You know... sometimes,... I have to pee”