Woman on Steet

My voice over debut! In a last minute request for a Spanish speaker a few months back for an old time radio style type show around Indiana Jones, I raised my hand, "Hey, pick me! pick me! I'm a Garcia - can't get more Spanish than that." So I sent in the lines (all 3 words) and didn't hear anything back. Time carried on and I won the roles of "Reporter" and the "Lexcorp Towers Model 53E personal transportation system" and the "Diggahs took my bay-bee" line and didn't put any more thought into the Indy show. Saturday the episode was released and I was listening... hey...wait a minute... and history was made. It was a nice surprise after a week that left me good and pooped. If you have some time, have a listen not just for my millisecond debut, the sound work and acting is pretty good. These folks work really hard and a lot of fun.