Round and Round it goes

(this should have posted 2/9/2007 but silly me left it in Draft Mode)

There is a movie – Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda – Yours, Mine and Ours. A pair of widowers with large families meet and date and eventually marry (I’m not spoiling anything, did you expect there not to be a happy ending?). In the midst of dating portion of the movie, Henry brings Lucy home to meet is 8 children and have dinner. The kids want nothing to do with her “I don’t want another mother!” and proceed to sabotage the dinner. Before dinner Lucy’s cocktail is spiked to all holy heavens and by dinner she’s loaded and not on a good footing. They all sit at a round table with this HUGE Lazy Susan in the middle, piled high the entrees, side dishes, salt, pepper, milk and juice. The kids proceed to chow down and that lazy susan start spinning around and around at NASCAR speeds. Poor Snockered Lucy – her view of this is beyond dizzying and somewhat maddening.

On a regular basis, I find myself focusing on many things – bills, school, work projects, family, social life (albeit non existent). Everyday I review in my mind what I need to do, what I need to focus on and it changes depending on mood, day of the week, family events. Sometimes I don’t think I have a clear path or list of things I need to do b/c it just keeps changing.

Last night was conversing with Melly Mel about her dealings with a particular Male of Human Species (although, with the behavior of said Male, Final species identification is still to come). His lack of focus on one thing or another led me to conclude, “This guy is driven but it doesn’t sound like he has a priority list for himself, more of a Priority Lazy Susan”

[insert lit light bulb here]

Huh, it’s not that I don’t have a priority list, I have a Priority Lazy Susan. Meetings, phone calls, birthdays, events, appointments, homework, vacuuming – they just keep spinning by and as I recognize something I can slow the Susan and pick off what I need and take care of it, but the Susan picks right back up and still spins. Although…I find there is a reverse physical theory to it - It seems the more items I have on the Lazy Susan, weighing it down, the faster is spins. The more I take things off, it slows down. If I pause too long to see this spin, I become Poor Snockered Lucy.

What do I take care of next? Who do I need to call? Did I email in my paper?

I get it now, I can see it – I think… no… I know I have a better grasp on this now. And now that I get it a little better than before, I feel like the Priority Lazy Susan has slowed, as if she has seen that light bulb and now will work with me instead of against. Good Ole PLS!

Don’t think I can set a fixed numbered list (paying taxes, ok, THAT one? Yeah, top of the list.) But the rest, as long as Priority Lazy Susan and I can see eye to eye, I can take off items and TCB (Take Care ‘o’ Business) and not let life whoosh past.