Brat Brat Brat

I am a shoe brat.
We begin a lovely afternoon; a well loved online store announces a new shoe store. I like shoes, I’m intrigued. Oh, BTW – for your first order will be over-nighted for free plus an additional $5 off. I’ve migrated from intrigued to surfing.
I love good shoes like Kenneth Cole and Nina – low and behold, so many great makers of shoes
I love heels – low and behold, they have lots of heels
I love Mary Janes – low and behold, do they have Mary Janes
I love black shoes – low and behold… you get it
I need size 10 – yadda…..
What do I find?
[insert angelic music here]

I know…
Charles David… I know!
So Gorgeous… I know!
Price is $35… HOLY POOP!
If you think I left $150 pair of Charles David’s for $35 plus $5 off plus free over night… well, you don’t know me very well, now, do you.

I am a brat b/c:

A: I’m not sharing the name of the store b/c if it gets out, I’ll never find my dream fabulous shoes that people might like to talk about b/c they are so fabulous and size 10 can be REALLY hard to find in shoes not designed for Phase 3 of Del Boca Vista Retirement Community.

B: Someone work @ said, “Oh, so-and-so has a pair like those” … um… no, she doesn’t… these are not from the Jacquelyn Smith Collection and she wouldn’t wear 4 inch stacks.

C: I got them today, at the office, ran downstairs and put them on. Yes, I have them on right now

I try to be good; I try to think of the great good.
But these SHOES!!