Why not?

Why not indeed.

I’m a huge proponent of using the word “adventure” as a verb. I signed up for one for this year, but since my innards are still not 100% from last years Gall Bladder Incident (stupid gall bladder), the idea of a possible colitis flair up while camping for 7 days with no porcelain in site is not appealing and thus I’m postponing until 2008. Trust me – California will still be there and I will still want to adventure.

In its stead, I am sure I will find another opportunity for people to say, “Oh dear lord, what is she doing now?”

I might cut off all my hair and donate it – it’s about 2 ft long right now.

I will take a trippy trip out to Cali to see friends.

I’m sure I’ll go and do something ridiculous on my bike – that is a given, a constant, like gravity.

What prompts me to get off my fanny and blog today?

Adventure - NYC couple hail cab for 2,400-mile ride

I don’t know who I admire more in this story – the couple or the cabbie =)