After 72 hours of labor, sweat and frustraton...

I now have a bundle of joy that:
A. I understand how it functions
B. Actually plays nice with Mac
C. Actually plays nice with Audacity

That's right, after hours and hours of reading the web and frankly feeling ever the bonehead, I now have a microphone that does not suck.

Haazah and joy to all. May the blessing bestowed upon me on THIS day, be shared with you all ten-fold.

The saga of the microphone began with a little shopping spree at Micro Center. Now Micro Center's customer service on the showroom floor is akin to the hospitality one recieves when entering a morgue, they only talk to their own kind. And if you are Macker (as one salesman called me on Friday) you are remanded to the back of the store, walled in with a glass door, hoping, i guess, to keep the MacCooties in. Not only that, this sad little corner is manned normally by whom ever drew the short stick that morning.

So, there I am, the only double X chromosomer in the place and I'm thinking...

If I'm getting a mic, I'll get the stand too
Well, since I am getting something fun, I may as well get that wireless mouse I like so bad.
You knoooow, If I get a wireless mouse, a keyboard would be great too
come to think of it, I'll need a USB hub too.

I did some reading online, but thought perhaps, this one time, I would find SOMEONE with a pulse.
The following statement SHOULD answer the question, "Did she, oh did she find some help?"

Today, of the $300 I spent on Friday, i returned $250 of it - the mouse was the ONLY thing that worked. Nothing else worked right and I couldn't find the answers I needed b/c I am so not a Tech-savy person.

Today, however, manning - womanning, I should say - the Mac room was this gorgeous leggy blond, who I will admit, I prejudged, but the minute I said, "I'm recording for a podcast and I have an iMac G4" I knew I totally misjudged her. She was a the Fountain of all things Mac Knowledge AND had been in the recording industry and knew "exactly what you need, girlfriend!"

Not ONLY did I leave with a new mic, she called the manager and fought for a price match to what was listed on the Apple website. THEN she found the elusive 1GB memory I've been looking for (she came back dusty from the stock room) AND found me a fierce little hub AND some extra firewire cable for one of my hard drives. Tomorrow, she said to come in around 7 and She'll show me some fun stuff to do with Garage Band - Yes, even a free software lesson.

SO what did I learn today
A. Mac is next to Godliness
B. Mac Users are angels
C. Mac Brainiacs should rule the world
and D. if that MacChic was a guy, I would SO date him, pay for dinner and let him get lucky on the first date.

The End =)