So I played hookie from work this morning - left the house at 7 and had the loveliest ride out to Leesburg. On the way back, I stopped by the office and efficiently did 4 ours worth of tasks in 2 hours and headed back out on the bike. Today was phenominal - the weather was perfect. I just love a morning where the temp is 70, but feels like 65

Between the 12 and 13 mile markers, on the way home, into Vienna, I had the trail to myself, there was a cool cool breeze.
I looked to my right and there stood a Doe. I stopped the bike and just stared at her. I've never been so close to a deer before, she stood eye to eye to me (she was huge). We just sat there, maybe 20 seconds - felt like 20 minutes - and just stared. She took a step closer and she was within arms reach. I'm sure I had a smile on my face the size of... well, I don't know what... =)
In my head I thought, "it's ok buddy, you'll be fine" and then, oddly enough, she stepped out all the way and crossed the path.

I love moments like that - totally make it worth the grilling I'll get for ditching early