Microphone? What? What's all this then?

Ok, so a while back I mentioned something about find a cool fun podcast that does old timie radio style dramas of super heros and yadda, right? Well, I've been getting more and more into it and now, i don't just have a role "woman on street" or "elevator voice" - I've been cast in roles of characters with... yes, you guessed it... NAMES! and some of these characters are... wait for it... RECURRING! So Here is a little sampling of what I've been doing for a group called Pendant Audio =)

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton:
#27 The Lexcorp Tower Model 53E Personal transportation system
#30 Bobbi Havner, Brassy Reporter (this one is recurring!)

In Batman: The Ace of Detectives:
#17 Renee Montoya, Tough Gotham Police detective (also recurring!)

I've just been cast a sassy saucey british turn coat in Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion. Neve will make her debut in episode

I have a bit part of a mafioso monosyllabic moll, Major, in
The Kingery in episode #2 and soon #7

I've also had the pleasure of playing a British Teen about to be over her boyfriend (
#3) and a Cranky Latina (not type cast at all, no?) (#4) in Seminar: a series of short one act plays. I've even been interviewed on Pendant Productions "This Week in Pendant"

I've also begun to work with the folks from Darker Projects, a wonderful group of folks producing fan fiction and original works for radio style podcast dramas.

I love it! this is a very fun new hobby for me and who knows what may come =)