The hills are alive with the sound of bicycles....

AH Ah ah aaaaaaaaaah
My fanny wants to cry for a thousand yeeeeeeeEEEEARSS!

Yes my friends I am embarking on a new adventure with benefits that far exceed my expectation. I have a little project I'm working on for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - I will be participating in a 109 mile bike ride around Tucson Arizona on November 17 2007 and helping them raise $5000 to help with... well... everything - cancer research, family support, community outreach, medical bills, groceries... Yeah - a lot.

So to support my athletic endeavors, I am looking forathletic supporters...[pause for giggles]

What do I ask of my Athletic Supporters?
skip McDonald's this week
don't order out for chinese or pizza
make coffee at home and skip Starbucks - just for a day.

That's, what, $5? $10? Do you really need to see ANOTHER Will Ferrell movie where he's zanny and half naked (ew)?

I believe in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I believe in what they do - They gave my cycling buddy a chance at life, helped her pay the bills and fly her folks out to be with her when she had barely anything.

I've seen them in action and it's beautiful and special.

That's why.

MY FAT FANNY (see photo) + a very nice bike + you + love + lots of pasta = gratitude + hope + love + a fight chance

This is the link to donate online:
If you'd like to donate by check or cash - let me know - I'll send you the info =)
I'll keep updating on how things are going - I'll take pictures too =)

Much love to you!