tick tick tick tick tick

chuh CHUNK!
that would be the sound of my wee mental time clock.
I've spent the day archiving - basically, I spend the next few weeks with a scanner, Adobe PDF and 38 boxes full of 6 years of financial and investor information. Why would I conceive of such a project? What was I thinking when I proposed such a task to the Higher Pay Grades? When did I begin smoking crack and pot all in the same pipe?
All good questions, no good answers.

What came to mind: I am not going to pack up, move, refile all this crap by myself next spring. If my calculations are correct: once complete a total of 68 bankers boxes will be reduced to two binders with 49 DVD's. And of the 68, only 14 will need to accompany me =)

Also, in my aspirations of being a greener person, we use WAY too much paper, such a waste. This is the beginning of my quest to encourage my group to go as paperless as possible. Why print something out to fax it if I can PDF the doc and email it? Why FedEx a 2 lb pack of information they will take 2 to 3 days to arrive when I have a 1.25 MG file with all the info right there and they can have it in seconds.

I'm rambling today - the semi-subtle hum of my desktop scanner has lulled me into a Bottom of the Ladder Coma.
wah... huh...[snort]...wait... what did I just say?